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 Fire Control – The Fire Alarm Control Panel is responsible for detecting, reporting and acting on occurrences of fire within a building.

 EST3 - An ideal solution for campus style installations, the EST3 supports a total network length of an incredible 60 miles and it does this without sacrificing even a nanosecond from its lightning fast three-second response time.

 EST2 - Its capacity and price make it ideal for commercial installations, and hospitals, and it's a perfect match for schools.

 Quickstart – QSC - QuickStart is a total life safety solution that merges flexibility, high system capacity, and robust features with a cost-effective, installer-driven design. Ideal for small buildings, QSC is perfectly suited for new and retrofit applications in schools, apartment buildings, hospitals, office buildings, and retail facilities.

 Fireshield - FireShield panels are powerful enough to meet the demands of today’s installations while leaving plenty of room to grow in the future. Control of the panel’s operation is both simple and intuitive.
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