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Signature Series Detectors offer true multi-sensor technology and exquisite reliability that virtually does away with false alarms. They accomplish this by means of an on-board microprocessor that constantly monitors the state of its sensors. Using a sophisticated algorithm, the microprocessor effectively distinguishes between a legitimate change of state and a non-threatening situation that would otherwise lead to a false alarm. What's more, true multi-sensor technology means that a single device can perform optimally under a wider range of conditions than any single-sensor detector.

  • Microprocessor-based intelligence
  • Automatic device mapping
  • Electronic addressing
  • Automatic environmental compensation
  • Supports stand-alone operation
  • Uses existing wiring in most retrofit applications
Photoelectric and ion detectors see smoke, but not all fires produce it. Heat detectors, on the other hand, spot temperature changes, but these aren't always an indicator of a life-threatening event. Multi-sensor devices, however, collect data on several different environmental parameters at the same time, and then weigh the results to determine whether an alarm should be sent to control panel. This means that detectors are always at their peak level of performance. In fact, Signature Series detectors have been singled out by Underwriters Laboratories as the only such devices on the market that does not require a calibration sensitivity test in order to comply with NFPA72!

Genesis Signals are the latest evolution in life safety technology from EST. These signals are truly revolutionary! Not only do they utilize the latest technology, but their design is like nothing you've ever seen before! EST's notification appliances are high-performance devices finely tuned to deliver maximum output in exchange for the lowest possible current draw. Available are a wide range of bells, strobes, horns, chimes, multi-tone signals, speakers, and hazardous location signals. Covering the entire spectrum of life safety applications, these devices are durable, dependable, and virtually maintenance-free. And they support a wide range of mounting options that make them ideal for new construction and retrofit applications alike.

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