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Security, Efficiency, Convenience. These are all good reasons to have an intercom or door phone intercom for your apt building or business. No matter what your reason for buying an intercom system, we can provide the system that will achieve your objectives. An intercom system allows complete paging and communication between phones and intercom stations within a building or group of buildings . Larger systems might connect all of the rooms in a school or hospital to a central office. Intercoms in larger buildings often function as public address systems, capable of broadcasting announcements.

Intercoms are generally composed of:
  • Master Station - These are units that can control the system, i.e., initiate a call.
  • Sub-stations - Units not capable of initiating calls sometimes called slave units.
  • Door Stations - Like sub-stations, these units are not capable of initiating a call. They are typically weather-proof.
  • Power Supply - Used to feed power to all units.
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