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Whether your facility is as demanding as a multi-building school environment, or as straightforward as a small office setting. StarCall delivers the level of service needed for occupants to keeping touch, in sync and out of harms way.

Robust intercom and paging, reliable timekeeping control, flexible program source distribution, powerful event processing, intuitive software tools and fully integrated telephone capabilities all headline this powerful suite with cost-effective features designed for maximum efficiency.

System traffic is managed over 32 global telephonic links, one to four high power intercom channels and one or two page/program distribution channels. StarCall allows selection of up to 26 distinct tone events for system use, each of which can be programmed from a selection of up to 23 tone types and two program sources. A paging microphone input is also provided. Each intercom amplifier module (IAM) is capable of 15 watts output at 25 volts.

The StarCall System is available in a rack-mount configuration. This configuration includes a primary shelf (Model 110-2546A) and up to two expansion shelves (Model 110-3547A).

The rack-mount primary shelf has 14 card slots. Slot 1 is reserved for the central processor card (CPC) and slot 2 for the audio routing card (ARC), leaving 12 slots for line and option cards. The expansion shelf, which does not requires a CPC or ARC, has 14 slots available for line and option cards. Both primary and expansion shelves have space for up to two IAMs. The expansion shelf (Model 110-3547A) comes with cables for interconnection to a primary shelf or to another expansion shelf.

StarCall’s extensive hardware modularity is accomplished through plug-in circuit cards.

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